Lead User Researcher


  • I am passionately curious.Passion and curiosity are the two most useful traits in my history of working. When fueled by passion and the desire to learn, one can do anything one sets out to do. It is my belief that technology should exist to serve people, and strive to invoke feelings of usefulness, satisfaction and delight. My goal is to inspire the creation of compelling, useful, and enjoyable products .


  • User research- UI interaction research and qualitative market research, people management, business management.

Community Service:

  • I work at my daughter's school reading to 8 year olds and participate in a vegetable /food share with my neighbors. I believe in grass roots community where likeminded people can help each other with daily living and create supportive interconnections.

Fun Fact:

  • In attempting to grow and raise my own food, I have 4 chickens and grow kale and strawberries in my back yard.