Updated 9/1/2013

Participation in research conducted by Naviscent® is subject to compliance with the terms and conditions of this participant agreement ("Participant Agreement"). If you are not yet eighteen (18) years old, or do not reside in the United States and District of Columbia, or if for any reason, you do not agree with all of the terms and conditions contained in this Participant Agreement (defined below), please discontinue using the website or application immediately. By using or attempting to use the website (Naviscent website, survey application, research application), you certify that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age and meet any other eligibility and residency requirements of the website.

By agreeing to participate in research, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below.


  1. Participants must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to be eligible to participate in research.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, participants must be physically located in the country in which the research is being conducted.

Participant Obligations

  1. If research is conducted online, the participant needs computer/mobile/tablet equipment and telecommunications access necessary to connect to and access the Internet. The participant must provide, at his/her own expense, all equipment, all services (including, where applicable, telephone service) and all related third-party service fees (such as ISP charges) necessary to participate in research.
  2. If research is conducted in person, the participant agrees to appear on time, in appropriate attire suitable for a professional meeting.
  3. The participant agrees to provide true, accurate, current, and complete information when providing personal information in research qualification surveys.  If a participant provides any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current, misleading or incomplete, Naviscent reserves the right to withhold the participation incentive. 
  4. Naviscent may at its sole discretion ask for proof of age and identity by asking for a copy of a government issued ID. Failure to produce proof of ID will result in forfeiting of the participant incentive.
  5. The participant agrees to give a full effort in good faith during the research session. If a participant does not provide a good faith effort Naviscent reserves the right to withhold the participation incentive.

Participant Incentives

  1. Naviscent will disclose the value and form of the participant incentive before the research is conducted.
  2. Participant incentives will be paid within 15 business days of the close of the research study.
  3. If the incentive was sent by email and the participant fails to receive it, or accidentally deletes the incentive, he/she may contact and ask for a replacement. A handling fee of 10% of the value of the incentive will be assessed for the replacement service.
  4. In the rare case that a participant incentive or multiple participant incentives to the same individual within one year exceeds $500, Naviscent will require the participant to submit a W9 form so the amount of incentive payment may be reported to the IRS for tax purposes. The participant will receive a 1099 form, which will be mailed to the participant before January 31st of the year following the incentive payment.

Participation in Research

  1. Once invited to participate, participation in research is solely at the participant's discretion. The participant is responsible for complying with any rules or terms set forth by the Client, Sponsor or Partner which the participant is informed of in advance, which may include, but is not limited to agreement to be audio/video recorded during a research session, or signature of a non-disclosure agreement with the Client, Sponsor or Partner.
  2. Naviscent assumes no liability, obligation or responsibility for, and makes no warranty with respect to, any content provided by Clients, Sponsors or Partners, or any part thereof.
  3. Naviscent will not share personally identifiable information with third parties who have not signed Naviscent's non-disclosure agreement or who are not directly involved in the research, however Naviscent assumes no liability, obligation, or responsibility for the maintenance of privacy of any personal information given by a research participant directly to a Client, Sponsor or Partner.
  4. Participant agrees that Naviscent shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as the result of any dealings between the participant and Clients, Sponsors or Partners.

Expiration of Incentives

  1. If an incentive has not been redeemed within one year (365 calendar days) of issuance the participant forfeits all rights to that incentive and agrees that no incentive is owed.
  2. After one year (365 days), the incentive will no longer be available or re-issued to the participant.

Privacy Policy

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Modifications to Terms & Conditions

  1. Naviscent reserves the right to modify this Participant Agreement at any time without prior notice or notification.


  1. If any item in this agreement is deemed unenforceable, all other items within this agreement will still be deemed enforceable.
  2. Damages will be limited to the value of the individual incentive amount or $100, whichever is lower.
  3. Participant agrees that any legal action will be pursued in the courts of Alameda County, CA.

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